• Do you need a nominated First Aider in your Workplace?
  • Do you work for yourself?
  • Have you trained all your staff, but now have one new staff member join your team who needs training?

No matter what your situation, if you are self employed or only have x1 person or a small group of about two or three people, we are here to help you through our Open Training Courses from our fully equipped training centre in Crediton.

Nearly all our First Aid Training courses have the option of being supplied as an Open Course. Our main clients for Open Courses are Teachers, Construction Workers, Care Staff, Office Staff, Motor Mechanics and GP’s to name a few.

We never cancel Open courses:

A lot of other training companies who hire a venue for open courses, will cancel on you nearer the time if they do not have enough people booked onto the training course. Our unique selling point (USP) is that we have our very own fully equipped training centre in Crediton, Mid-Devon. This means we will never cancel a course because of low numbers. Even if there is only one person booked on, once you are booked on and confirmed through full payment, the training will proceed.

Low Numbers, High Learning Potential:

Our passion is to deliver training that educates, inspires and improves the learner. What we have learnt through our Open courses is that our groups tend to be around 8 learners, and everyone absolutely loves it. Training guidelines allow us to have up to 12 learners per Instructor, but we have learnt that maximum learning for all involved is best achieved at around 8 learners per group. So as soon as a group peaks above the 6 mark, we start offering new learners other training dates. This enables us to keep numbers low and learning potential high. 

We hope you have seen that through reading this page, we absolutely love our job of training people. If you have any questions, or would like information on when our next courses are, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US for a no pressure conversation. We are happy to be here and to help and serve you, our clients.