Citizen Aid Training

Citizen AID Training (L2 RQF) – 3hrs




The Owner and Lead Instructor of First Aid Devon Wesley, is a former Body Guard from South Africa. This is what makes him such an amazing trainer for Citizen AID Training. To find out more about Wesley, Click here.

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Would you know how to react in the event of a terrorist attack?
Whenever there is a shooting, stabbing or bomb explosion, the initial priority is understandably to ensure public safety, which can unfortunately cause delays to the emergency services being able to reach the injured.
The Level 2 Award in CitizenAID (RQF) has been specifically developed to help members of the public learn life-saving skills for use in these extreme situations. Based on the citizenAID phone App and pocket guide, this regulated qualification is designed to teach people how to react safely, prioritise the injured and give first aid to victims in the event of a deliberate multiple casualty incident.
During this 3 hour course, candidates will have the opportunity to practise techniques for dealing with catastrophic bleeding and will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to save lives in the aftermath of a terrorist attack.

If you have any questions or you would like to learn these life saving techniques and more, please do not hesitate, contact us today.