[metaslider id=2582]First Aid Devon is a trading division of T3 Training and Consultancy Ltd (9543649). We have been operating since 2015 in Devon and subsequently have expanded into Cornwall & Somerset due to the high demand for our training. We have broken out of our egg and revealed our “Super-Power” to everyone! Our super power is that we take dull, boring courses and turn them into fun and engaging courses where staff only have one option, to learn without realising it! We are based in Crediton, Devon, with an excellent high standard, training centre and we are very proud to be a QualSafe Awards Registered Training Centre.

Vision & Values:

We are passionate about what we believe and that a person’s values effect their attitudes, who they are and the way they work!

Our Vision:   Educate / Inspire / Improve

Educate: We educate all levels of staff and we believe everyone who attends our training has something to offer and contribute in their class. We encourage everyone to fully engage in their training and with their trainer and colleagues. Inspire: We “Inspire” all who attend our training, to be a better person and do a better job. Our training is delivered from a very strong value base and our trainers are passionate about their job, which is evident in their class rooms. Improve: Through the way we “Educate” and “Inspire”, our vision is that our training will not only improve the lives of the people we train, but those very people will leave our training room and go and improve the lives of the staff they manage, colleagues, customers and their family. We totally believe that through the training we deliver we can play our part in helping make the world and workplace a better and safer place for all involved.

Our Values:

  • Passion for training, Passion for saving lives!
  • Positive Energy
  • Freedom to succeed 
  • Edge
  • Thank you

We supply 3 types of training and education:

  1. Face-2-Face (Open Courses for Individuals/small groups, Onsite training for group bookings) training + Mentoring
  2. E-Learning
  3. Clinical Training (including Clinical Policy and Procedure Writing)

Registered Nurse:

We have a very experienced Registered Nurse on our team thus enabling us to deliver first class Clinical Training Courses for companies who need it and we deliver specific training courses to nurses, supporting them with their CPD.

Why choose First Aid Devon?

  • Extremely competitive pricing.
  • All trainers are qualified and very experienced. All being previous managers.
  • All our staff are friendly and approachable
  • All trainers are D.B.S checked
  • On site/Off site & Open Courses training available

At First Aid Devon we ensure that you and your staff receive the most up-to-date training and support. We believe that going the extra mile will ensure successful personal development of the Learner. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond to make sure you receive all the resources, training and support that you, your company and staff need.

Co-Owner & Managing Director: Wesley Mitchell

Wesley is from South Africa and has lived in the UK for over 17yrs. In South Africa, at 17yrs of age, Wesley started working for a private security firm as Armed Response Officer. He did this for 9 months, working in the most dangerous areas and neighbourhoods of Johannesburg. The security company Wesley worked for was the only one who worked in these areas, as all other private security firms stayed out due the high levels of crime and gun violence.

2 months before his 18th Birthday, Wesley started a career as a Bodyguard. He did this for 5yrs, working for the largest and most reputable private Body-guarding firm in South Africa. He worked with top level International Managers, A list celebrities and also had the amazing privilege of meeting President of the United States, President Bill Clinton while protecting one of his White House Staff members on President Clinton’s visit to South Africa. Wesley’s biggest regret is that he never got to meet “The World’s President”, President Nelson Mandela. It is believed that at the age of 17, Wesley was officially the Worlds Youngest Registered Bodyguard. In his time serving as a bodyguard, Wesley received countless hours of training, learning from the best in their fields. He learnt Personal Safety techniques, Fire Arms training, Counter Terrorism and First Aid (S.A. L7 Paramedic equivalent) to name a few.

When Wesley’s career as a Bodyguard came to an end, he handed in his gun and started a career in Youth Work. Youth Work is what brought Wesley to the UK. He worked as a Youth Worker for about 3yrs before being made redundant. Being made redundant then led Wesley into a path in Care Work, working with adults who have severe Autism. Wesley quickly worked his way up into Management, where he managed a Care Home for people who were severely Autistic, non-verbal and displayed high levels of physically challenging behaviour. Wesley’s positive and cheerful attitude was quickly noticed by his Operations Manager who then got Wesley involved with training care staff NCI/MAPPA. After 3 years of management and part time training the company used Wesley in a 6 month trail run to see about employing full time trainers to cover a wide range of topics. Wesley excelled in this training role and 6 months on, was offered a full time position, making him the Lead Trainer for the South West of England.

After 3yrs as South West Lead Trainer, in 2015, Wesley resigned from his job and he and his wife (Sharon), sold their house in Gloucester and moved their family down to Devon and started up T3 Training & Consultancy Ltd, which you now know as “First Aid Devon”. Wesley uses very funny, real life examples from his own life to get the point across to his learners no matter what the topic. Wesley’s ability to tell stories relevant to the topic is what makes his training so engaging that staff want to listen and by default learn at the same time.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this and we look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, FIRST AID DEVON Training Team.