First Aid Training Courses

Basic Life Support for Parents & Carers

I think First Aid training courses is comparable to having Insurance. Let’s see what I mean…


  1. Some people have had First Aid training courses and some people have insurance.
  2. People I know have never had to use their First Aid training and some people I know have never had to use their insurance
  3. Some people feel they don’t need First Aid training and some people feel they don’t need insurance
  4. Some wish they had attended First Aid training courses, but thought… “I will never need that!” while some wish they had taken out insurance, but thought … “I will never need that!”

We are committed to delivering the very best First Aid training courses, that is why we are a Qualsafe Awards Approved Training Centre. Over 95% of people we train at First Aid Devon are in our training room because their work sent them or they are self employed and need the certification. Less than 5% of people we train are there because they thought… “This might come in handy one day, let me go and learn what I may need to know one day to help some in their time of trouble, maybe one day I will be in trouble and hopefully someone will be there to help me”.

The people we train who ask for First Aid training courses, but don’t need it for work reasons are normally, generally speaking, young people in 6th Form who are looking for Basic Life Support training, so they know what to do in an emergency and Grandparents who are looking for Paediatric Basic Life Support as they want to build their confidence for when they baby sit their grandchildren. 


Think about this, you are on your own with your child/ren and something happens to YOU. Your child could save your life, by placing you in the recover position and calling 999.


Our desire at First Aid Devon is that we will hold a lot more Open First Aid Basic Life Support training classes for New mums and Mums and Dads and younger children aged 5 – 16 yr olds.


Please do not be one of those people who say… “I will never need to use First Aid!”

Act today, instead of living in regret tomorrow. If you are interested in finding out more or attending one of our Basic Life Support training courses for parents/carers, please do not hesitate. Contact us today. Our prices for Basic Life Support for parents/carers start at £25 person or £40 for a couple of people. Please contact us for group booking prices.

Kind regards,

Wesley Mitchell

First Aid Devon Managing Director

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